‘Roma’ Drives Netflix to Break Its Own Rules About Theatrical Release – Indie Wire

October 31, 2018

Netflix clearly has changed the face of how we consume content. They pioneered the concept of “binge-watching” by releasing an entire season of episodes for a new series in one day. This drew viewers to their platform and created stickiness for the viewer who would then look for more content to “binge.” One of the primary tenets Netflix vowed to uphold, was that they would not exhibit their original content in traditional movie theaters.

That is all changing as Netflix is now participating on the international stage, and competing for Emmy’s and Oscars along with the studios and big boys in television such as HBO, higher profile filmmakers are turning to Netflix to produce their films. But it comes with a caveat: release our films in the theaters. Filmmakers take pride in shooting their films, creating a high production value, often utilizing wide screen formats, elaborate costumes and cinematography which deserve being seen on the big screen.

Now that Netflix’s $20-million Mexican art film “Roma” could be a Best Picture contender as well as a likely foreign-language Oscar-winner, the global streaming service is finally overhauling its theatrical release strategy. It will include exclusive platform openings in New York and Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 21, with more cities added December 7 ahead of its streaming and wider theatrical release on December 14. Read More at Indie Wire.

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