Litigation Support Services

Kathryn Arnold is a highly sought after Entertainment Consultant and Expert Witness with over 20 years hands on experience in feature film and TV development, production, international sales, and finance. Having worked as both a producer and executive, Kathryn understands the inner workings of the entertainment industry, its business practices and the economic complexities involved in a world that very few comprehend. Working closely with each client, she brings the full benefit of this valuable experience to bear on the client’s unique case.

Kathryn has served on over 3 dozen matters involving loss of wages and economic damage claims ranging from $200k to $250 Million. She has provided expert testimony, reporting, consultation, financial forecasting and referrals for clients in both Federal and State courts on cases regarding copyright infringement, breach of contract, disfigurement, personal injury, wrongful death, and economic downturn.

Relying on strong and extensive hands-on experience, training and education I deliver clients with reports, findings and information to achieve responsible results in their cases.  Experience with deposition and trial testimony.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Economic Damages
  • Economic Losses
  • Entertainment Industry
  • Film Finance
  • Film Licensing
  • Film Production
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Film Sales
  • Lost Earnings
  • Media
  • Motion Picture Distribution


I also provides advisory and consulting services to investors and producers for film and television project development.  My clients have product originating from magazine articles, books, life rights, screenplays and other intellectual and copyrighted property that is ready to complete the financing process.

My clients in this area include financiers, investors, production companies, and international sales organizations who need guidance in successfully navigating the unknown waters of Hollywood’s talent, financing and distribution systems.

Additionally I work with organizations and associations who are interested in expanding their product and service offerings outside their core market as well as global expansion goals.


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